Our partners Web Agencies 

Ecedi Mazarine Digital  Digitas  MRM LaCompany

Customized application and tools

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Médias websites

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Intranet sites

 Fondation Bouygues-TelecomFondation pour l'Education HSBC

Specific developments on behalf of our partners web agencies

We carry out development and integration with Drupal websites services on behalf of our partners web agencies,  for major projects to prestigious customers.

Our practice areas focus on specific issues related to the integration and development site in Drupal with the exception of interventions in design and project management.

ClubMed Europ Assistance Réseau Ferré de France Les Carnets Esprit de Picardie INAKantar MediaFondation de FranceW&Cie
  • ClubMed : Specific developments for the Mazarine Digital web agency
  • Europ Assistance : Corporate website in 32 languages. Specific developments for the W/ web agency
  • Réseau Ferré de France (Lyon-Turin) : Specific developments for the W/ web agency
  • Région Picardie : Multiblog web plateform for the Picardie region
  • INA : TV event-web
  • Kantar media : Specific developments for the W/ agency corporate website
  • W&Cie: Corporate website Specific developments for the W/ web agency
  • Havas Design + ( Content aggregator group agencies

Other websites : RSS aggregator plateforms and WebTV

  • Nissan (2011, Platform RSS feed aggregation Managing News based on taxonomy system with automatic articles about green cars in five major European languages.
  • Toutsurlimmo (2007 Information website for the real estate group Century 21, sections with questions and answers, fact sheets, book and video player.
  • Onsexprime (2007 WebTV for an information campaign on the risks of adolescent sexuality for INPES, National Institute for Prevention and Health Education.
  • Tvtrip (2006 Creation of the first website in purpose of fundraising and training a development team of 6 people for startup, that was composed of former directors of Expedia Europe, France and Germany. TvTrip WebTV is now the global travel hotel.
  • Politiquecy2 (2007, Article Portal Aggregation RSS feed to Netvbes during the 2007 presidential campaign, then sold to RTL Belgium.